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Trevors Frozen Foodservice Just Got Bigger!

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Over the last month or so, our Food warehouse has gone through some changes!

We have had a challenging few weeks when dealing with the driver shortages and issues with manufacturing on our supplier’s end, which meant that stock supplies in certain product ranges has been unreliable.

Even Nandos, a chicken restaurant, known for its speciality in chicken dishes ran out of chicken! The effects of this were so severe that Nandos provided its suppliers with staff to get the supply chain back to normal. Hats off to Nandos for taking a proactive approach, you can find out more about this here.

But we are delighted to let our customers know that we have now completed our freezer extension at our Mowbray Drive warehouse site! The new freezer extension is 3120 square feet, this is in addition to our current freezer which is 3920 square feet.

Our total freezer space will now be just over 7000 square feet!

Freezer Development

The progress of building the freezer has been rapid and has come together well over the past couple of weeks. It’s always great to see a project come along over time, so here is a little timeline of the process:

The initial step was to build the room and add the heater mat and the floor insulation, which only took a couple of days. The next phase after this was to set up the lighting and the refrigeration to get the temperature down to the optimal level to dry out the flooring.

There are many considerations to factor when building a frozen warehouse and the equipment needed. For example, entrances and exits where food products are received and dispatched must be cooled to the correct temperature.

It is common to have a secure airlock system, with two doors never opened at the same time, which helps prevent cold air escaping, condensation or ice building up.

Once this is all complete, the new freezer will be ready to be filled with all your favourite products, and some new ones too.

Below are some images from the development of the freezer, with plenty more pictures to come.

The advantages of using Frozen Foodservice

Frozen foods can be a convenient and affordable way to incorporate a variety of high quality, delicious foods to your menu. We supply frozen vegetables, fruit, potato, fish, desserts, savoury bake and meat products...

In addition to time-saving and convenience, frozen foods can be a huge benefit for individuals with limited kitchen space or equipment to make certain dishes from scratch. Frozen foods are not only more affordable in price, they can also help to reduce food waste whilst retaining high quality.

For our existing customers, it means stocking up on all your favourite products, which are vital to your day-to-day catering; ensuring there is availability when needed, without a delay.

For customers searching for a reliable food wholesaler, our extension means that we have more space to supply your go-to frozen product lines that we might not already stock.(Please contact our team to enquire about any new products you would like to see)

Frozen range and product lines

We stock a range of award winning products and new lines. Working alongside the highest quality and most trusted brands, to bring you the best products for your business. We understand the importance of continually growing our frozen product range so our customers rather not worry.

We have hand-selected some of our unmissable specials, most popular and new lines perfect for any occasion whether that be for a party, buffets, or afternoon tea (Find them all on our online shop).

First we have some of our frozen vegetable favourites including the Country Range Peas and green beans. Alongside our high in nutrients family favourites cauliflower and broccoli.

An honourable mention for our onion rings and garlic mushrooms, perfect for hospitality.

  • Country Range Choice Garden Peas Code: 34425

  • Country Range Broccoli Code: 68916

  • Country Range Cauliflower Code: 60419

  • Country Range Whole Green Beans Code: 51670

  • Country Range Garlic Breaded Mushrooms Code: 51453

  • Country Range Beer Battered Onion Rings Code: 20217

The Country Range quiches, mini party pies and sausage rolls are some of this month's top specials on offer (very yummy, we've sampled them!)

Which leads us to our other buffets savoury items, savoury eggs, mini pork pies, and sausage rolls, good old British buffet staples. Also perfect additions to an afternoon tea...

  • Country Range Cheese + Onion Quiche Code: 22042

  • Country Range Mediterranean Vegetable Quiche Code: 50918

  • Country Range Mini Beef Ale Pie Ub Code: 16600

  • Buffet Savoury Eggs Code: 73739

  • Stobarts Buffet Pork Pies Code: 14435

  • Katerveg unbaked 6inch Vegan Sausage Roll Code: 28606

And what's more...our new freezer provides space for us to offer the vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options cue the new gluten-free sausages, vegetarian sausages, sausage rolls, cakes, just to name a few...

  • Country Range Vegan Sausage Roll Code: 21306

  • Country Range Gluten-free Handmade Chocolate Cake Code: 94312

  • Green Gourmet Red Tractor Pork Sausage Gluten Free Code: 77828

  • Country Range Ginger and chocolate cake Code: 30651

  • Gluten free Vegan Moroccan Cauliflower Bites Code: 93725

  • Quorn Vegan Nuggets Code: 58552

Want to know more about our delicious range? Be sure to come back again next week as we will be releasing a huge list of our frozen specials, but in the meantime...

Trevors Foodservice Here to Help!

Our team is always on hand to support you with anything you need. Whether you’re a cafe, hotel, hospital, or any other sector... we are here to support you and your catering needs.

If you haven't read up about Natasha's Law our helpful resources, access to support, and the Stir-It-Up Natasha's Law Explained webinar can be found here.

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