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Country Range Takes Home 5 Foodservice and Catering Awards

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Last week the Country Range group gained recognition for five of our products at the CCM Chefs’ Own-Brand Awards 2021, which is run in conjunction with the Craft Guild of Chefs. This is a huge achievement for the wholesale and catering suppliers of the Country Range group.

The five awards won were for the following delicious foodservice wholesale - own brand products were:

Seasonal products: Jaffa chocolate mountain cake 🍊

Country Range Chocolate Jaffa Cake
Award Wining Jaffa Chocolate Mountain Cake (Seasonal Product)

This luxurious confection of chocolate and vanilla sponges layered with orange mousse and dark chocolate orange truffle is a sure crowd pleaser. Topped with Jaffa cakes and sponge flooded with chocolate, you really can't go wrong with this one!

The Country range Jaffa chocolate mountain cake is pre-cut into 14 portions for easy use, ideal for chefs and caterers in Blackpool and Lancashire who want a delicious but easy to serve dessert for their Christmas menu. The Jaffa chocolate mountain cake is also one of our premium products which can be a great way of boosting overall sales and upselling to your hungry customers.

This yummy orange delight is best served with some pouring cream or ice cream, which can also be found online. You can find more about our online ordering and how to set up here.

Gluten Free: Gluten Free Chocolate and Ginger cake (Best of the best) 🍫

Country Range Gluten Free Chocolate and Ginger Cake
Gluten Free Chocolate and Ginger Cake (Gluten Free)

Our Gluten Free Chocolate and Ginger cake won the best of the best award! It is a sticky gluten free spiced ginger cake, filled with ginger icing and topped with a chocolate ganache finished off with crystallised stem ginger.

This gluten free option does not comprise on flavour or texture. Mixing chocolate and a hint of ginger together creates an intriguing blend of flavours in this moist, rich cake.

Just like the Jaffa mountain cake, the chocolate and ginger comes pre-portioned into 14 sized portions, minimising any waste and maximising your sales for your hotel, cafe, restaurant or any other hospitality sector.

For best results, remove all packaging whilst the product is still frozen and place on a serving plate. Serve with cream, custard or ice cream to add an extra layer of flavour.

Want to give a tailored service to customers who suffer from food allergies?

Have a read of 3 things you can do to give customers full confidence in what you serve.

Best innovation sweet: Spiced Pear Toffee and Cranberry cake (Best of the best) 🍐🍯

Spiced Pear Toffee and Cranberry cake (Best innovation sweet)
Spiced Pear Toffee and Cranberry cake (Best innovation sweet)

Our third and final award winning dessert was the innovative white chocolate truffle layered with toffee sponge, cranberry compote and spiced pears. Finished with pears, cranberries and toffee. It really does taste as good as it sounds…

If you’re serving Christmas dinner at your restaurant, café or hotel, this award winning dessert is a must for your seasonal menu. Again this dessert is pre-portioned to make serving easier and quicker for your hungry customers.

Our commitment to innovation means we continue to meet our quality standards and the demands of the caterer through packaging development and blind tasting. More on Trevors Foodservice and Country range here!

Best served with ice cream, fresh cream and a side of mixed fruit for a premium offering.

Savoury innovation: Vegan Mayo 🌱

Country Range Award Winning Vegan Mayo (Savoury Innovation)
Award Winning Vegan Mayo (Savoury Innovation)

As the demand for more plant based / vegan products on the market grows, often we see many products that just don’t meet the needs of the chefs, caterers and customers. Which is why Country Range have continually worked to develop “a thicker, creamier and more luxurious mouthfeel” to the new vegan mayo.

The Country Range vegan mayo contains no allergens and comes in a convenient 2.27-litre pack to help chefs cut down on wastage.

This mayo tastes just like the normal mayonnaise and comes with the added benefits of being plant-based and allergen free. Not to mention the amazing uses for this delicious condiment, including marinades, sauces, soups and more.

Why not check out our Country Range Development Chef Paul Dickson’s article on five innovative ways to use vegan mayo.

Country Range work with Paul to create mouth-watering recipes from using the latest insight trends for some inspirational menus through to developing new ways of serving up traditional favourites.

Sauces and condiments: Sweet Chilli dipping sauce 🌶

Country Range Award Winning Sweet Chilli Sauce (Sauce and Condiments)
Award Winning Sweet Chilli Sauce (Sauce and Condiments)

Our final award winning product line was for the Sweet Chilli Dipping sauce, taking the sauces and condiments own brand title for 2021. And rightly so as it's packed with flavour, giving you a kick of heat and calming those taste buds with sweet undertones.

A blend of chillies and garlic makes this a perfect sauce accompaniment for sharing platters, sandwiches, and stir-fries. Deriving from Western Asia, this sweet chilli sauce sure has a way of pleasing all dinner tables.

It’s also suitable for vegetarians and vegans meaning you can develop a huge variety of recipes to meet your customer needs without compromising on price or flavour.

Why not mix our Country Range vegan mayo with our yummy sweet chilli to create a delicious sweet chilli mayo?

A big congratulations to all the members of The Country Range Group for their continued hard work and dedication to developing fantastic flavours. We are proud to be part of such an innovative and forward thinking group that has everyone's best interests at heart. You can find out more about the country range group here….

You can find all the award winning products and categories here

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