Trevors Foodservice CSR policy

We work with three CSER pillars of products, planet and people, giving us a clear focus on our responsibilities to our customers and ultimately the consumer, our suppliers, the environment and our colleagues and communities.


We’re making our business as energy efficient and sustainable as possible, engaging with and giving back to our people and communities and, above all, evolving and improving our quality foodservice product range by trading ethically with the right suppliers.




  • We provided some form of training to 94.64% of our staff, demonstrating our commitment to our continuous learning strategy.

  • We have been offering work placements and apprenticeships since 2016. In 2018 we have added graduate schemes to our learning programmes.

  •  In Q4 of 2017 we achieved an all time high of 72.5% reduction in our food waste, a great step towards achieving zero food waste by 2020.

  • We recycled 73% of our waste

  • A 34% reduction in waste going to landfill. In 2018 we have committed to further reducing this figure.

  • Charity - we've been making a difference to our local communities raising funds and donating food to Streetlife and the Salvation Army, as well as supporting other local causes and we continue to support Hospitality Action, through Trevors Foodservice as well as the Country Range Group



In a perfect world there would be no waste, in the preparation or on guests plates. This is not the perfect world, and there will always be a certain element of food waste. There are however creative ways of reducing food waste and turning leftovers into profit.


Here are our top tips to help you wise up on waste:


Portion Sizes - Regularly check plates when they come back to understand which dishes are too heavy or too large. You may notice a lots of garnish left over or too much sauce. Making adjustments can help save money.


Accurate Measuring - Use scales to measure out ingredients as well as portions. Your recipe should always be the basis for your selling price. It’s not unusual for an over-service of more than 40% to occur.


Specials Board - A daily specials board can help to manage the extra throughput of ingredients. Perfect for great value seasonal items.


Accurate Ordering - Employ accurate ordering and stock rotation to avoid ingredients going out of date. If there is a booking cancellation use ingredients on specials board.


Get Creative - Be creative with vegetable trimmings to make tasty soups. Use toast from breakfast for breadcrumbs for fishcakes, and stale brioche for bread based puddings.


Use of off cuts to create tasty starters. eg, pork and chicken trimmings can be turned into pâtés and terrines. Also Salmon trim makes great canapés. Turn excess produce into chutneys, pickles and jams.


Dehydrate excess fruit and vegetables to create highly flavoured powders. Dry out the fruit or vegetable in a low oven and whizz through a processor. Use the vegetable powder in sauces or and fruit powders over sorbets and ice-creams

It's better to freeze great ingredients for a short time than use second rate ingredients fresh and risk producing waste.



Our Wise Up On Waste app for professional kitchens is a simple and easy way to monitor and track your food waste and reduce costs. Start your own waste management and reduce kitchen waste permanently.


Download now to help you:

  1. Identify where and when you are generating waste.

  2. Audit specific service times: breakfast, lunch and dinner waste. 

  3. Track your team’s progress weekly and identify the indicative cost savings.

  4. Reveal how much money you could save by reducing waste by 20%.

Download the Desktop version

Download from the iPhone App store.

Download from Google Play.




Purchasing of recyclable products & a minimum 70% of packaging waste recycled.



We are committed to making the communities in which we operate, better places to live and do business. We do this through a number of methods to include​


Graduate schemes


Local employment opportunities, by employing local people and creating placements and apprenticeships for young people




Regular donations of food to local causes, including; Salvation Army, Streetlife and other homeless shelters, as well as local food banks.


Food hampers and cash donations


Supporting charities locally and nationally through sponsorship, fundraising activities and volunteer days.


Participation in the 'Love My Beach' campaign. 


​If you would like to know more detail we would be delighted to hear from so call us on 01253 393000

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Wise to waste app: Trevos Foodservice